The name “Penelope” is the name we gave our unborn baby girl, Penelope Ione Rhodes. Her precious little life was taken from us in order to save my life, which was threatened by a very rare, but deadly infection.


The little feet on our labels are actual to-size replicas of the ink prints of our baby girl. It’s our hope and prayer that some, in their reflection on these tiny little feet, would feel as we do - that life begins before birth. 


This is our small way of memorializing our little one.  For those that have lost little loved ones - we never forget

them, do we, and the best we seem to be able to do is to live around the loss. Our faith in the belief that these precious ones are but little Angels in Heaven now, safe in God's Hands, offers us peace and comfort.


So each bar of carefully handcrafted soap is a reflection of our small Angel named “Penelope”, now soaring in the Heavens.

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