Lay back and enjoy all of the BUBBLES!!

Lavender Bubble Bar 3oz

  • Consider cutting the bar in half or into quarters with a knife.[1] Bubble bars create a ton of bubbles, and sometimes, you don't even need to use the entire bar to get a decent amount. By cutting your bar into smaller pieces, you'll be extending the life of one bar, and saving money. You can store the extra bars in a plastic bag or box. Make sure that the bag or box seals up tightly.

    • Keep the labels, and stick them onto the bag or box. This way, you'll have the name/scent, and use-by date.
    • Be careful not to get water into the bag or box. The extra bars must be kept dry until you are ready to use them.                  Make sure your bathtub is clean, then start filling it with water. Use a temperature that is most comfortable for you. Have your bubble bar ready.
    • Crumble the bar, and hold it under the running tap.[3] The bar will start to melt in your hand and release its scent and/or color. The tub will begin to fill with thick, fluffy bubbles.
    • Some people prefer to put the crumbled bar into a strainer first, so that they don't drop any pieces into the water.
    • The stronger the water flow, the more bubbles you'll get.[4]
    • Some bubble bars are colored, but you may not see the color at first. The color will become deeper the longer you hold the bar under the water.
    • Turn off the tap when the tub is full and give the water a swish with your hand. This will help create more bubbles. If there are not enough bubbles to your liking, add a little bit more of the bubble bar.
    • Get into the tub, and relax for 10 to 20 minutes. Light some candles, turn on some music, or read a book. Baths are supposed to take a little longer than showers so that the body and mind can relax.
    • Expect the bubbles to last about 20 minutes.[5]
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